- Concept

Immerse yourself in work at the Work Lab.

The Work Lab Yatsugatake is a place where various people residing inside and outside the city including students, companies, local residents, people who are staying in a second home in Yatsugatake and so on can make a rich working life a reality and try their hand at different projects. This is a place to put creativity into practice. Students can create future work, local enterprises continue to develop, local residents solve problems through business, and companies in the metropolitan areas create "new ways of working.”



- The Work Lab logo

One of the features that the city of Chino offers is its splendid views to the north and south of the grand Yatsugatake mountain range. Our company’s logo represents the ridge line of that mountain range, as seen from Chino. Also, the multiple triangles grouped together to form a single logo represent the uniqueness of our co-working space, where the lives of many people overlap as they come together in this place through a unique way of working.