Four unique meeting rooms are available. You can use the kitchen space for events, seminars and more (Reservations required; fees apply).

Usage fee

Meeting room 1


Meeting room 2


Meeting room 3





Meeting room 2

In addition to holding meetings and seminars using a TV monitor or whiteboard, you can also use this room to hold remote meetings. You can also use the room in conjunction with the kitchen space to hold cooking classes or events.

Occupancy: around 8 people (when seated)


Use cases




Training room

Reception room


  • Table (2)
  • Chairs (8)
  • TV monitor (1)


Note 1: This room can generally be used by up to eight people. Please ask at the time of reservation if you plan to exceed eight participants.

Note 2: Meeting rooms 1 and 2 can be joined to create a larger space. When doing so, please reserve both meeting rooms.